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Socks : The daily and medical benefits of socks with silver differ according to the user.
During the daily use, the initially perceived benefit of silver socks is the way it softly covers the feet. The user feels as if he is not wearing any socks. Silver socks also prevent the foot odor.
As a result of its thermodynamic characteristic, you will notice that socks that contain silver keep the feet warmer on cold days when compared to normal socks. In the same way, it keeps your feet cooler on summer.
Additionally, silver will insulate the static electricity produced by your body; therefore, decrease the amount of tiredness that you feel at the end of the day.
In its medical use, due to its antimicrobial property, it prevents fungal growth on the feet.
It is also effective in preventing the infection of the wounds that appeared or may appear on the feet because of diabetes.
It soothes edema of the feet. This attribute is especially advantageous for diabetic patients and while traveling.
The people whose feet sweat a lot will recognize the dryness of their feet, as soon as they start to use the socks with silver.

Clothing and Underwear : During the daily use, the most important advantage of wearing clothing and underwear that contain silver is their bacteria and odor preventive ability. You can use our products comfortably during warm summer days to prevent unwanted odor.
Moreover, our products also have the heat regulation property due to the silver they contain. As a result of this ability, the amount of wetness that occurs because of sweating decreases. You will feel cooler in the summertime and warmer in the wintertime.
In its medical use, it supports the fungus treatment, and prevents fungal growth and itching.

No, they don't. To obtain these properties, the amount of silver thread that must be used in the product must be no less than the standards designated by the producer company Statex Germany . Furthermore, they must be tested in the laboratories to control if they have these properties. Our company products are licensed by the famous brand Shieldex. Moreover, all our products are approved by Statex Germany , and we are certified to use the Shieldex logo. Above all, the best reference for us is our customers, who feel our products' difference, as soon as they start using them.

There are some products in the market, which are also marketed as "products with silver," but do not use the necessary amount of silver to meet the medical standards, or only finished with silver ions (instead of using silver thread), in order to keep the production costs low. Although these products may pass the earlier tests, they lose their antibacterial properties after being washed for a few times. As a result, the other properties of these products will be lost with washing, as well. The person, who uses these products, will easily understand that they are not different than ordinary socks, after washing them a few times.

Silver has no harmful effect to health. On the contrary, silver kills approximately 465 types of microbes, bacteria, fungi and microorganisms by suffocating them. It is among the best infection preventers that are known to the Medical world. Silver is being used since ancient times as a type of treatment for the wounds. Modern medicine is also using medicines that contain silver to treat open wounds and the wounds caused by burning. Silver nitrate solution is being dropped to the newborn children's eyes to provide disinfection. Silver is a type of metal that we use daily even as a fork, spoon and knife at our homes, and frequently prefer as ornaments. Although some people are said to be allergic to silver ornaments, this allergy is not triggered because of silver but as a reaction to some other metals in the ornament, like chrome and nickel. These metals are generally added to silver ornaments to form an alloy to increase their brightness and durability.

Because silver is not harmful to health and has no toxic properties, it is not a heavy metal.

In medicine, the definition of "heavy metal" includes all toxic metals, without considering their atomic weights. "Heavy Metal Poisoning" occurs because of consuming or breathing extreme amounts of semi metals like iron, manganese, aluminum, beryllium or arsenic. This definition does not include bismuth, the heaviest of the stable elements, as its toxicity is low.

Living organisms need some of the "heavy metals" in various amounts. Humans need iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Extreme amounts may harm the organism. Some other heavy metals like mercury, plutonium and lead are toxic, and they have no known benefits to the organisms. Furthermore, if they accumulate in the body, they may cause very serious illnesses. Some of the elements that are known to be toxic are beneficial for some organisms, in some cases. Vanadium, tungsten and cadmium are among these.

For 30 years, there isn't even one allergy case reported to the Statex Germany (the producer of Shieldex silver thread) about textile products that contain silver.

Although some people are said to be allergic to silver ornaments, this allergy is not triggered because of silver but as a reaction to some other metals in the ornament, like chrome and nickel. These metals are generally added to silver ornaments to form an alloy to increase their brightness and durability.

No, they are not.

In this field, Nano technology is being used by some companies to add some technical attributes to their products chemically by using various ion applications. This method is not effective enough especially for the textile industry, as the added attributes of the product disappear after being washed for a few times. Moreover, after washing, these ions that are added by this method tend to reach the seas and lakes by the wastewater system and have a negative effect on the environment.

In Eco Silver products, we use Shieldex branded silver thread. The products are not made with silver ions but produced with pure and natural silver. This can be felt immediately by the user, and also it can be seen when a metal detector is used.

You can pass through them easily, without any problems. These detectors are calibrated to detect metals with some specific weight and volume. To detect the silver metal on your clothes, a special type of detector that is finely and accurately tuned and which can also measure the electric current on the item is needed.

The antibacterial feature provided by silver, works like this: Silver metal produces silver ions. These ions tear the cell membranes of bacteria and microbes by the help of their electrical charge. This can be thought as an electric shock. Silver ions affect these microorganisms by corrupting their DNA and RNA and preventing their respiration. As a result, silver ions destroy them by suffocating.

As electrical conductivity is more efficient in humid environments, especially during wintertime, we recommend applying a moisturizer to the clean feet before wearing the socks.

The odor that you mention is being produced by this way: Acid excreted by our body is being used by bacteria as a nourishment source, and transforms into ammonia by the waste products that emerge.

The triggering factor in this equation is the reproduction of bacteria. As the products with silver have the antibacterial attribute, they prevent their reproduction. For that reason, they have the ability to prevent unwanted odor.

Especially when they are used as socks, the silver layer in the products prevents the growth of fungi. If the fungi growth appeared before using the product, it is recommended to be used as a supporting product to the medical treatment. This way, the problem may be cured in a shorter period.

Here is the way silver prevents fungus growth: Bacteria, getting nourished by the acidic sweat that our body excretes, transforms the acid into ammonia and produces a bad odor. At the same time, the waste that they produce creates the environment with denatured proteins, which is ideal for fungi to grow. Silver's antibacterial attribute destroys the bacteria and prevents their reproduction. As a result, it prevents both bad odor and denatured protein environment. It destroys the ground on which fungi will reproduce. Therefore, no new fungus grows, and the problem will be solved in a shorter period.

If filament type silver thread is used in the product, an electrical network, therefore, a magnetic field appears on the area where the silver knitting surrounds the foot. This field regulates the flowing speed of the blood in the region where the foot touches the silver. And it is observed that the amount of edemas decrease in this section.

Silver has a thermodynamic characteristic. A thermodynamic region appears between the silver layer and the part of the product that touches the skin. During winter, on cold-weather conditions, silver reflects back the heat coming from the body, thus prevent heat loss. As a result, it makes us feel warm in the wintertime. Likewise, during summer, the silver layer reflects back the heat coming from outside, and this keeps the body cool.

As we have explained in detail in our answer to the question number 12, silver has a thermodynamic property that helps to keep body cool in hot weather. Furthermore, it also has the heat regulating property. Silver ions continuously produced by the silver metal in the product, transports the excess heat situated in some regions of the body to the regions that are cool. As a result, it regulates the heat and decreases sweating.

No they cannot. As we produce our products with silver metal, not with silver ions, all these beneficial properties will stay with the product until to the end of its lifetime.

We do not recommend using softeners, bleachers and detergents that contain bleach while washing the product.

When silver contacts with chlorine, it enters a chemical reaction with it, leaves the surface it holds and produces a residue. If this happens, your product may lose its abilities.

However, the detergents and softeners that we use at our houses generally do not contain chlorine. Nevertheless, we do not recommend using bleachers, detergents and softeners that contain bleachers while washing your product. Hand wash with white soap, or if you are going to use the washing machine, prefer the detergents that are used for wool.

Chlorine in the tap water does not have the properties to react with silver.

First of all, as explained before in question 11, it soothes the edemas on the foot. This benefit is especially important while traveling with bus, plane, and etc. for long hours.

Additionally, because of its antistatic property, it decreases the feeling of fatigue in the body by distributing the static electric charge (that is caused by the weather change) with the help of silver ions.

When the socks with silver are used, they soothe the edemas on foot as explained in question 11.

We also designed a special product for pregnant women: Pregnant Underwear. With this design, we aim to provide the following benefits:
- To protect your baby from the electromagnetic waves emitted by cellular phones and all kinds of electrical and electronic household appliances.
- In order to test the success of this protection, Italian TECHNO LAB laboratory applied the "IEEE std 299 (2006) Standard Method for Measuring the Effectiveness of Electromagnetic Shielding Test" to our product. And the results we have achieved are satisfactory (you can check the test results).
- Silver knitting at the gusset area of the pregnant underwear provides the antibacterial attribute. This quality is particularly important during the first three months of pregnancy, to help preventing the miscarriages that may be caused by bacteria or fungi formations.

Uncontrolled diabetes or the damaging of nerve tissue as a result of diabetes may affect the nervous system negatively in time, and may cause a condition called Neuropathy due to diabetes.

Neuropathy may change the nerves of hand and feet. The most important ones are the changes in the nerves of the feet. It may damage the touching, moving, heat regulating and pain functions of the feet. There may be some loss in feeling the pain, or some new feelings may emerge like feeling chilly, burning, numbness, tingling, prickling or feet pain. When there is a loss in the sensitivity of touching and feeling pain, the patient will not be able to feel the necessary alerting amount of pain from the wounds on his feet. Therefore, the risk of infection increases and the wounds' treatment becomes harder.

In diabetes, in addition to bacteria and fungi, viruses may also cause diseases easily. Wounds that do not heal, many pimples or blisters appearing at once and skin infections are generally the sign of bacteria. Thickening or yellowing of the finger or toe nails, melting in their undersides, whitening or cracking of the skin in between the toes are generally caused by fungal infections.

Wearing socks made with silver thread provides many advantages to the diabetic patients:
1) They will be protected from fungi growth, bacteria and infections.
2) The chilly feeling because of the feeling loss in feet will decrease.
3) The edemas and the pain in relation with these edemas will decrease, due to the magnetic-field production ability of silver.
4) When the socks with silver are supported by using a moisturizer, the dryness of feet will be prevented.


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